Mission Statement

Bozeman Area SEPTA (Special Education Parent Teacher Association) is a coalition of families, teachers, administrators, and other advocates united in the effort to promote quality education and services for individuals with special needs and their families. The group was formed on April 7, 2008, as the first district-wide Special Education PTA in the Bozeman School District No. 7 and neighboring schools in the Bozeman area. SEPTA provides a forum enabling parents, teachers and experts in the field of Special Education to share their knowledge and experience.

Our MISSION is to network, educate, and provide a unified voice for the rights of our children to quality education and services.

Bozeman Area SEPTA is a valuable link between home and school, providing both with important information benefiting our children. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in children with special education needs and in how special needs can benefit the entire learning community. A SEPTA Membership Form can be found in the menu.


Please help support SEPTA in the Big Give event coming up May 2 and 3!

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The link to donate to The Bozeman Area Special Education PTA is https://www.givebiggv.org/organizations/bozeman-area-septa



picture of two of our special boys